Style and Fashion

Colour and style consultation

Did you know you have only 7 second window to make a strong impression on meeting someone for the first time?

Therefore whatever you would like to adopt a more professional look for a job interview or a new role in the company or just renew your wardrobe or refresh it, adapt it to a new body shape ( mew mums, weight loss or gain), or just learn to apply make more effectually.

As your personal style and colour consultant, I will offer suggestions on current trends in clothing, seasonal colours, make-up and skincare.
We will have a relax chat to find out what is your outcome from the day,
which colours and style accomplishing you best in order to achieve your desire look.


Home visit add £ 15.00 extra
Colour analysis (1 1/2 hour)£50.00

I will give you a full make-up in colours that complement your skin tone, eyes and hair tone. I will determent which is your dominant colours and shades. Enabling you to make your wardrobe more versatile and fun.

Style and image (1 1/2 hour) £50.00

Style that suit your lifestyle, match your personality and flatter your body shape

Full image make-over ( 3 hours)£110.00

One session style, colours, make-up and skin care

Personal shopper (£ 40.00 per hour)

A half day or full experience shopping in London or you preferred area. Help with choosing those special outfits  and guidance on how to be more confident when purchasing that styles that suit  you best.

Would you like a party for you and your friends in the comfort of your home?

Colour Party or Styles

Price vary on the number of friends. Max 6 people.

Make-up Lesson and skin care (1 hour) £30.00

Make-up (30 mins) £20.00
Wedding Make-up (2 sessions) £45.00

Mixing colours with confidence !

Combinations of primary and complimentary colours work together to gain the optimum effect. Primary colours should be used for garments such as coats, dresses, skirts, suits and trousers. Complimentary colours are best suited for accesory garments such as vests, shirts and scarfs.

Cool weather suggestions.




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