As some of you may recall I have already blogged about the first step for an effective skin routine ;cleansing. Look up for “Beauty tips”.
The second step is exfoliating. It will help to get rid off of dead cell and to renew the skin much quicker; possibly try to use face scrub twice a week.
Use a warm face cloth to rinse the face, and if you have time prepare a bowl with boiled water. Lean over and cover your head with a towel. The steam promotes the skin’s pores to open up, therefore all the beauty products you will use after will penetrate easier and they will work more effectively on your skin .
I know this routine can be a challenge at least , if you can,try exfoliating during shower.

Here ,in my opinion, some of the best scrubs:
Philosophy the micro delivery exfoliating wash. Even gentlemen…

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