Father Christmas in disguise

Here we are again one of most expensive and busiest time of the year,Christmas.
Schools are off for two weeks and it is a challenge try to keep kids occupied.
Now, as a mother of two and half kids ( the half is the bump) I like to organised different activities for my two very energetic and outspoken bambini, my girl is 9 years old and the boy just turned 5, one of the them is breakfast with Santa at garden centre, near where I live.
They bring you proper English breakfast, Santa goes around to welcome the kids and after the children go the grotto to get a present.

We attended last year event and since it a quite nice thing to do with our broods, my friend and I decided to make it one of our traditions, together with Halloween’s.
Therefore we booked this year as well.
This time, it was much busier than the year before and the food was a bit of a disappointment, however,having small kids that still believe in Saint Nicholas, the initial hurdle didn’t bother me so much.
Eventually when the man in red came around our table he asked our children what they wished for Christmas, my friend’s kids told theirs and my daughter hers, my son looked him and said, I report the exact words, ” I know that you are not a real Santa , smarty pants”, the poor man replied ” Yes, of course I am Santa “, my son answered “No, you are a man dress like Santa but you are not Him”. The fake Santa at the point didn’t know what to say and he moved to the next ,less inquisitive, table.
In the meanwhile us,adults, were cringing under the table for embarrassment and couldn’t stop laughing in the same time.
My little boy , few minutes later, must had been thinking about the consequences telling the man he wasn’t the real Father Christmas, and he came to me and said: “Mamma, even if I said he isn’t Santa do still get my present?”
And of course I reassured him.
My friend , always, tells me that my kids never failed make her laugh with their remarks, and I do, indeed, have few interesting stories about Chip and Dale, as I like to call my precious ones.
Anyway, now the three biggest question are:
1) When is the right age to tell them about Santa .
2) Will be my third child embarrassing like the other two?
3) What Nickname I am going to give this one, since they are only 2 ?

Ciao and have a safe holiday




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