beauty tips

Now days we all know to have a beautiful skin it is important to eat healthy food options, exercise, get good sleep and have a regular skin care routine.
As a woman and a professional beauty therapist I really believe on the power of regular facial.
Nothing can beat a professional one !
Just relax and enjoy the benefits .
However as I always say to my clients it is paramount to keep the good job up at home as well.
Professional products are definitely the best, but they can be pricy too.
I am always on the quest to look for good quality products that are effective, bit alternative as well but without spending an arm and a leg.
Although I would advice you to invest in a good moisturizing cream.
I understand it is a challenge try to fit a good cleansing routine everyday, but my suggestion is to try while you are having a shower. Literally it will take you just extra few minute of your time.
If I can just give one advice to you is DON’T use a normal soap to wash your face, it would stripe the natural oil of the skin and you would feel your face dry.
What I am going to tell you now it does sound a bit strange or bonkers but one of the best product to use is a feminine wash, with a Ph of 4.5 won’t destroy the natural oil of the skin. I know in the UK isn’t very popular amongst women but in Europe or other countries it is well used.
The first time I heard to use it to wash the face was on a radio show,more than 25 years ago .
A famous Italian make-up artist, Diego dalla Palma, recommended this product,especially is someone had some pimples, because the delicate formula suited the delicate Ph of the skin.
Et voila’, I have been using ever since and never felt my skin dry.
My clients using too and they, definitely, can feel the skin less tight after washing.
However skin with acne needs professional help, but using this product I promise won’t make it worst.
My motto it is good for intimate part it’s good enough for the face.
When you apply any product always include neck line, neck and face; gentle clockwise movements it is advice to improve the micro- circulation and tonicity of your face.
This is my advice of the day to everyone. What are you waiting for?
Go and start to love your face.



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