Nail vanish final review

Hello lovely people,

maybe some of you rembember that few weeks ago I applied 5 different shades of nail vanish.

Bourjois So Laque! Ultra Shine 41 Rouge fashionista,China Glaze 043 Vermillion, OPI Canadian Maple Leaf, Revlon 60 Iced Mocha and Revlon 994 Bold Berry, finishing with OPI Top Coat Rapdry NT T74.

Now I can reveal the best vanish was ,drums roll, the Revlons.
They aren’t shiny like the OPI , the China glaze or Bourjois, but the good thing the Revlons don’t get scratch easily, because the consistency of the vanish isn’t thick as the others hence the colour stays on the nails for all 7 days with cheap free, even though I did cleaning without gloves.
However I do like and I used the other brands even on my clients.
You have been warned.



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