Aveeno cream skin relief review

I do like the Aveeno cream skin relief with shear butter!

With a growing bump my skin is getting itchier by the day. Luckily no stretch marks!
I like the consistency of this cream not grease, easy to apply and for the skin to absorb it.
Happy days ,your clothes won’t have any oily marks which could happen with some other creams.
I like to apply it after the shower leaving the skin’s texture very soft and silky for few hours.
If my kids start fighting and I need to intervene ,I find bit challenging to put it, and try not to kill them both.
Just joking!
Anyway , as I was saying when I don’t put the cream the skin in the tummy feel tighter and a bit irritated and , the next thing I know, I start scratching like a monkey with thicks.
I’ve just had this image of me eating a banana as well! Nice view. Not!

My lovely people this a good cream and I would advice it considering the price is a bargain too!



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