Cellulite and other stories

Being pregnant doesn’t mean I stop exercise all together , I just take things easily .
Before pregnancy I had a quite high level of fitness and the nice things was I was pretty happy with my figure. Yes so smitten with my result that I felt also 10 years younger and now I just feel like …nevermind.

Anyway an unfortunate present left me from my second pregnancy was tahda? CELLULITE ! Little bugger!
Impossible to get rid of it completely. However exercise and right nutrition can help to reduce it. I could launch myself into giving you an explanation how cellulite is formed, but I will save you from the lecture, just for today.

Anyhow, years ago I bought a pair of Zagorra Capri hot pants, definitely never looked that “hot” on me ever. You see I do have , so I have been told, what you called a good sense of style and understanding what looks good or not on me. Consequently I made the conscious decision not to wear the Capri for going out shopping or school run but only for exercise or around the house. I really don’t want to impose my “curvaceous ” behind to anyone.
I think, there are few pieces of clothing that do not suit everyone and leggings is one of those. The Capri looks like leggings.
Unfortunately, some ladies before making their way out the front door should take a good look of themselves in the mirror and perhaps wear something less reveling or put a top to cover up the back. In Britain,last summer, short hot pants were popular, especially amongst teenager, yet again some of them ,let’s say, didn’t have the right legs to wear them. That is the reason we all need an honest friend to give us a reality check, maybe ask the audience or go 50/50. I know we all have a bad fashion day, I know we are lucky that we have the freedom of choice, even in fashion, but trust me when I say some ,really, don’t look that good despite they think differently. Bless them!
I don’t know, maybe being Italian makes my judgement a bit harsher when comes to fashion and food.


Going back to my Zaggora hot pants I must say are one of the best investment that I have ever made. I would advise to apply a cellulite cream or any body cream before wearing them. Because when you exercise the warmth of material,thermofit tecnology, plus the cream will make you sweat even more and release the toxins from the area also the skin feels softer and supple as well.
And other tool good to fight cellulite is massage. Simply brings fresh blood and nutrients on the treat area removing the wastes.
I have a quite effective methods to apply cream combined with a bit of exercise in the morning when I am bit in a rush. Simply put the cream on the upper legs, massage with a long stroke from the bikini area down to the knee while you squatting down, in standing up apply a stroke from behind the knees long the inside of the upper leg up to the bikini area. I do about 50 squats and takes me few minutes.  An other exercise is legs lunge which I use both hands to cream a leg at the time.
Next time I will give you the names of few cellulite cream that I tried and had good results.





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