Mascara review

Kiko mascara versus Estée Lauder review

Hello lovely people.
I just came back from a weekend in Milan, where while I was waiting to board the plane, I browsed in the Kiko make up shop in Linate airport.
I was looking an alternative to my expensive and much loved Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme mascara, which is £23.
I am always an a quest to find a cheaper version of more expensive products without having to compromise on quality, and sometimes I win, like now,
I came across this mascara called Kiko make up Milano Volumeyes Active Plus mascara for only £ 3.90.
Today, I wore on my left eye the Estée Lauder and for my right eye the Kiko, I applied 3 layers each eye, and I can honestly say I can’t see a difference.
The nice thing about the cheaper mascara is the brush, as it reaches the inner corner of the eyes because is pyramid shape.
I wore it all day, and the Kiko stayed perfectly intact without smudges or any clumping the eyelashes.
I highly recommend Kiko make up I believe you can find this brand in Westfield shopping centre or online.                     




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