Skin Doctors ingrow go Review

Skin Doctors Ingrow-Go

Perfect legs and bikini before and after waxing! Using daily, with gentle movement, a body brush while you showering, not only will get rid off of dead cells leaving you with softer skin but also will help stubborn ingrown hair to come out easily and been ready for the next waxing. Importantly don’t forget to apply a moisturising cream to bring hydration back to your legs.

I highly advice this product for ingrown hair. INGROW-GO! I use it on my client when they have more stubborn ingrown hair. First wash your hands, apply a bit of lotion on a cotton pad and give a rub on the affected area. The liquid will exfoliate the top layer of the skin,doesn’t hurt, freeing the hair to come out after use tweezers to pull the unwanted hair. If you have a deeper one repeat the process the next day until you win!



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