Pregnancy fashion

42 years old and 4 months pregnant for the third time !

This time wasn’t planned.

I would say more a surprise, or as I like to call it “Lucky Dip”.

Not expecting to have another pregnancy, I had given away all my baby stuff and maternity clothes.

So today I finally decided that it was time to buy some maternity clothes, simply because my belly doesn’t fit anymore in my baggy jeans.

Now, this being my third pregnancy and really the last one ( no more lucky dips ), I didn’t want to get mental and spend lots money on clothes like I did on my first one!

I did therefore do a bit of research on Google. Today I wanted to give a try to New Look because price wise, compared to others shops, came out the cheapest. I was after a pair of jeans, leggings some tops and a dress for a Christening. So off I went!

I don’t know if it is an age thing or God knows what, but I found more comfortable over the bump trousers than under.

Maternity cloths advicesWith my relief, in the mess of clothes rails, I found what I was looking for and the best part, the price of the jeans was almost half of other shops without compromising in quality, moreover I found the leggings and a couple of tops. Unfortunately no luck on the dress.

I did try a black one with lace but the material was too static and didn’t sit properly on me.
So now to give a try to other companies.

I know people say “get it from internet”, but I love to go shopping which involves seeing and touching the fabrics. I find the colours that complement my skin, hair and eye colouring and actually see the clothes fit well.

I am happy however with the days result, since I spent under £50 for everything.
My only criticisms is the back of the jeans, because the inside material for the bum, doesn’t follow the back line, so sticks out a bit. Nothing a cover up top couldn’t hide.

blog pregnancy 001My advice, if you are in your first pregnancy, and money is not an issue, enjoy spending a little more. It could end up an investment for future pregnancies.

After 2 children however, I think it is a waste of money going crazy in pregnancy clothes. since there won’t be any more bambinos!




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